Putin sulking after being caught off guard by heroic Ukrainian resistance

Russian President Vladimir Putin is "isolating himself" and sulking over a surprising and heroic pushback from Ukraine resistance groups, a US senator has claimed.

Senator Mark Warner released a flurry of statements on the Russian President's policy and invasion of Ukraine, saying Putin had been "caught off guard" by Ukraine.

The Virginia senator is currently Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and has claimed Putin was caught off guard "by the size of the Ukranian resistance".

Senator Warner has also alleged that Putin is currently removing himself from activity in the Kremlin, claiming that the Russian President "has not been in the Kremlin very much".

Further comments from Mark Warner have been critical of Putin's conduct in diplomacy and discussion with Western nations.

In one tweet, the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee said: "Policy advice shouldn’t have to be shouted across the room.

"Putin is separated from his advisors and increasingly isolated, which is a dangerous place for the leader of a nuclear-armed nation to be."

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The senator also voiced claims that "traditionally neutral parties" were against Russia in their invasion of Ukraine.

He said: "We’re seeing over and over again that even traditionally neutral parties are united in opposition to Russia’s aggression. The global community is moving as one against Russia."

The resistance against Russian forces has remained throughout Ukraine as Daily Star reported a drive-by molotov cocktail bombing from resistance members against invading Russian troops.

The attack comes after the Ukrainian defence ministry encouraged residents to make their own petrol bombs to "neutralise the occupier".

Reports show the Russian-manned vehicle burst into flames after the improvised weapons were thrown onto the vehicle.

Civilians in capital city Kyiv spent their weekend making some makeshift weaponry after they braced themselves for further advances by Russian forces and further bombing campaigns from the Russian military.

Those making their home-made weapons followed government-released posters to learn which parts of military vehicles should be targeted during an attack.

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Latest figures say that over 500,000 Ukrainian nationals have fled the country.

A statement from Ukrainian officials also say that 70 soldiers were killed in a Russian artillery strike at the Okhtyrka military base.

Emergency services are sifting through rubble in the hopes of finding survivors.

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