Putin stuck in must-win scenario as Russia leader faces coup over Ukraine humiliation

Putin in a ‘must-win situation’ says James Nixey

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Chatham House Director of the Russia and Eurasia Programme James Nixey warned President Vladimir Putin believes he must win at all costs in Ukraine. Referencing Russian history Mr Nixed explained that no previous leader lost a war and survived it. He also discussed how the Russian President was trying to intimidate the West by holding his finger on the nuclear button.

Mr Nixey told GB News: “Personally he is in a must-win situation, no Russian leader loses a war and survives it.

“The problem is of course, and you’re well aware of this, and the news over the past few days, is that he’s painted himself into a corner but holding a nuclear button.

“So, obviously we have to worry that if he loses and he… And he sees himself as losing, then he resorts to the most desperate of measures.”

“Now I don’t think that’s necessarily the way this is going to work out, but the reality is that Putin must win this militarily to have any chance of political survival, and that’s what Putin is all about.

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Mr Nixey added: “As well as the accumulation of wealth and the gathering of Russian lands that we’re seeing now.

“I think that the problem is both sides must win, if the West doesn’t win then the West is finished in a certain way as well.

“The rules-based on international law as we understand it.”

Conservative MP and chair of the Defence Committee Tobias Ellwood issued an echoing warning earlier this week.

Putin ‘ok with being a war criminal’ says Ukrainian MP

Mr Ellwood said: “Yes. We need to brace ourselves for that. We have had incredible results so far with Ukrainians themselves stepping forward.

“We need to ask at what point does the international community stop watching from afar?

“As things are moving very fast, we need to ask what is Putin trying to achieve here? Where will he go next if we don’t step in?


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“We have entered a dark chapter in European affairs, state on state warfare is returning to Europe again. We haven’t seen that since 1968 in Czechoslovakia.”

Despite many calls from Ukrainians themselves for Britain to send in their military or to send in NATO troops, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other political figures have decided against it.

So the requests for no-fly zones to be imposed on Ukraine by Western troops are not on the table, as it could lead to a full-scale world war.

Putin has threatened war with any country that interferes and has threatened nuclear warfare.

due to the threat, a spokesperson for Mayor Khan told MyLondon: “This is dangerous rhetoric and irresponsible posturing from Putin. As the government has already made clear, any risk of nuclear conflict remains remote and we remain united in deterring the most extreme acts of aggression against us and our Nato allies.

“London has a resilient and well-established system in place to ensure key agencies work closely and effectively together to keep us all safe – this includes keeping Londoners fully informed about any emergencies.”

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