Putin running out of bombs and resorting to indiscriminate attacks

Vladimir Putin is resorting to 'indiscriminate' attacks as his army starts to run out of bombs, according to British intelligence.

The Ministry of Defence made the disturbing claims in its latest update on the situation in Ukraine on Monday (May 9) morning as the Russian warlord gave a rousing speech to a mass WW2 victory parade in Moscow.

The weapons stockpile shortage results from the war lasting much longer than expected, the MOD claims.

It has recently been reported that Putin had planned to be within Kyiv to declare victory 'within days' after the invasion began on 24 February 2022.

But the latest report from the UK defence experts adds to suggestions that his forces have grown increasingly desperate as the initial weapons supplies are replaced with old, unreliable stock.

The update read: "As the conflict continues beyond Russian pre-war expectations, Russia's stockpile of precision-guided munitions has likely been heavily depleted.

"This has forced the use of readily available but ageing munitions that are less reliable, less accurate and more easily intercepted"

They added that Russia would now likely "struggle to replace the precision weaponry it has already expended" amid international sanctions on trade with the nation.

Meanwhile his morning UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace claimed the "gangster" Russian president was mirroring the Nazis by unleashing his forces to commit atrocities across Ukraine.

Speaking as Putin's speech in Red Square ddrew to a close, the minister said: "Let's call out the absurdity of Russian generals – resplendent in their manicured parade uniforms and weighed down by their many medals – for being utterly complicit in Putin's hijacking of their forebears' proud history of defending against a ruthless invasion; of repelling fascism; of sacrificing themselves for a higher purpose.

"Instead now, they are the ones inflicting needless suffering in the service of lowly gangsterism.", he added.

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