Putin rocked as Ukraine military chief warns that Kyiv will ramp up attacks

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Commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Valery Zaluzhny has warned Vladimir Putin that Kyiv will step up its attacks on Russian soil. Speaking to the Washington Post, Commander Zaluzhny said that it was necessary to carry out more strikes on Russian land – even if Western allies were opposed. He said that Ukraine would strike Russia with its own weapons if Western partners banned the use of their weapons in Russia.

During a rare interview, the Ukrainian military chief complained that the US had restricted his country’s use of long-range missiles and forced his army to improvise in order to attack targets on Russian soil.

He said: “To save my people, why do I have to ask someone for permission what to do on enemy territory?

“For some reason, I have to think that I’m not allowed to do anything there.

“Why? Because Putin will use nuclear weapons? The kids who are dying don’t care.”

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He continued: “This is our problem, and it is up to us to decide how to kill this enemy.

“It is possible and necessary to kill on his territory in a war.

“If our partners are afraid to use their weapons, we will kill with our own. But only as much as is necessary.”

The commander-in-chief sent a direct message to his Russian counterpart Valery Gerasimov, saying: “He is an enemy — an enemy who is very smart. Smart and therefore devious.

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“He is still strong. So you have to respect him as such and look for ways to kill him. Because that is the only way to win.”

Earlier today, defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke told Sky News that President Putin’s credibility is “draining away” in Russia.

This comes after President Putin admitted this week that he sought and failed to have Yevgeny Prigozhin replaced as the leader of Wagner’s fighters in Ukraine.

The Russian leader’s remarks were a surprise admission that he was still negotiating a takeover of the Wagner mercenary group.

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Analysts have suggested that last month’s botched Wagner coup exposed Putin’s weaknesses.

The head of Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Kyrylo Budanov said he has sources in offices close to the Russian leader.

Mr Budanov said: “We have our own sources. In the closest offices to Putin so to say. This is why we usually know what’s going on.”

He mentioned that Ukrainian intelligence intercepted an internal survey of the Russian Interior Ministry, which showed that Russians supported Mr Prigozhin.

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