Putin puppet claims BRITAIN ordered assassination of Darya Dugina in fiery rant

Darya Dugina: Russian TV host blames UK intelligence for death

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However, the motive for – and identity of – his daughter’s killer is currently the subject of fierce conjecture, with Russian security services accusing Kyiv, while Western experts claiming the Kremlin itself is behind the murder to provide an excuse to launch more attacks on Ukraine. Petr Akopov hit the headlines earlier this year after his article praising Russia’s supposedly successful invasion of Ukraine was uploaded to, and then swiftly removed from, the state-controlled RIA news agency, to which he is a regular contributor.

Undeterred, six months later, the journalist and staunch backer of the Putin regime responded to the death of Ms Dugina levelling entirely unsubstantiated claims about UK involvement.

Referring to Mr Dugin’s middle name, he said: “There are no words to express condolences to Alexander Gelevich – he miraculously survived, but lost his beloved daughter.”

During the course of his lengthy diatribe, Mr Akopov claimed Mr Dugin had been targeted “for his loyalty to tradition and understanding of the empire, for the fact that he formulated the meanings of the coming era not only for Russia, but for the whole world”.

Citing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, he said: “After February 24, a new era began – not the era of Dugin and not the era of Putin, but just the time that Dugin both predicted and brought closer.

“That is why, apparently, they decided to kill him – when they cannot defeat the idea, hatred turns against the one who dares to think differently than he should.”

Despite offering no credible evidence to back up his version of events, Mr Akopov added: “The attack itself was almost certainly organised by the Ukrainian special services – but there is no doubt that they acted on instructions and in the interests of the Anglo-Saxon agencies.

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“Having failed to kill Dugin, they immediately began the dance of death over the body of his daughter – mocking and having fun.”

Russia’s FSB security service has accused Ukrainian intelligence agencies of masterminding her murder, as has Putin himself, something Kyiv denies. Her death has prompted calls among Moscow’s political elite for revenge.

However, Similarly, Nikolai Petrov, a senior research fellow on the Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House, has suggested the assassination was almost certainly ordered by the Kremlin.

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Speaking earlier this week, he told Express.co.uk: “I think that it has been done with Russian FSB participation, although you never know whether it was done by the order from the very top or by some lower level initiative.

“Alexander Dugin is a media figure rather than a political one. He is the ideologist of the new Eurasianism, his name is well-known, but he has nothing to do with real politics, especially in the role of ‘Putin’s adviser’, a ‘gray cardinal’, or even ‘Putin’s Rasputin’, which is sometimes attributed to him in the West.

Moscow’s motivation would have been “to remove one of the active and poorly controlled radical nationalists” and simultaneously “to use what happened as a pretext for tightening repression, including against relatives of those whom Putin does not like”, Mr Petrov explained.

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