Putin plotting ‘mass suicidal attacks’ on Ukrainans over 3 months

Putin on the alleged Ukrainian attack in western Russia

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Experts have warned that Vladimir Putin may be planning deadly attacks, by sending hundreds of his soldiers over the frontlines for minimal military gains. The president will reportedly expending his own soldiers in what has been dubbed “mass suicidal attacks” in a desperate attempt to turn the tide of the war in his favour.

The latest assessment, which is provided to Western governments, says: “Nowhere have the Russians been able to mass force densities to mount an effective offensive has developed over the past few weeks is ‘more of the same’, i.e. grinding attrition stepped up.

“The Russians have so far proven unable to coordinate effectively a combined arms assault, or to provide adequate logistics support for a breakthrough.

“The Russian Army has not practised this for 30 years and it appears to be beyond their ability.

“The main ground forces’ tactic remains the near-suicidal mass infantry attack with inadequately trained troops under cover of heavy artillery.”

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The report went on to add that just as occured in Afghanistan when the Mujahideen were given stinger missiles by the West, Russia’s air force has given up.

The Kremlin has lost more than 200 warplanes in just over a year of the invasion, many shot down by Western-supplied missiles.

The report added: “Manned aircraft on the Russian side – continue to play a smaller role than might have been expected.

“This is undoubtedly because of the lethality of air defence missiles.

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“Russian pilots appear to be unwilling to ‘close with the enemy’ as they did in Afghanistan once the Mujahideen got Stinger missiles.”

This comes as Ukrainian intelligence stated Russia’s losses in the war has topped 150,000.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on Thursday that 715 Russian soldiers had been killed since Wednesday’s count, taking the total to 150,605.

Ukraine does not release official figures of its own losses.

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