Putin panic: Russian leader terrified of being poisoned – replaces ENTIRE personal staff

Vladimir Putin: Senator Graham calls for him to be assassinated

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With global condemnation mounting against the Russian President reaching a peak, including US President labelling Putin as a “war criminal”, resentment towards the leader is growing. Adding to Putin’s woes, demonstrations within Russia are growing, with those daring to voice their discontent swiftly arrested and interrogated under severe new Russian laws.

Speaking on Russian TV, Putin recently accused those opposing his “special operation” in Ukraine from within Russia as “scum” and “traitors”.

Daily Beast contributing editor Craig Copetas says he’s been told Putin has people tasting his food before he eats it and last month, he replaced his entire personal staff of 1,000 people.

According to the editor: “Laundresses, secretaries, cooks — to a whole new group of people.

“The assessment from the intelligence community is he’s scared.”

Mr Copetas also stated poisoning is the preferred method of assassination in Russia.

Russia itself has been embroiled in high profile cases of such assassinations in the past.

In the UK, both Sergei Skripal and Alexander Litvinenko were subjected to high profile acts involving poison and radioactive materials.

Suspects identified in the Skripal case, believed to be from the Russian GRU Military Intelligence Unit claimed they had been in Salisbury as tourists.

Calls have been made by high-profile officials to now assassinate Putin.

Senator Lindsey Graham on Wednesday called for Putin to be “taken out.”

Speaking in the US, the Senator said: “I hope he’ll be taken out, one way or the other.

“I don’t care how they take him out. I don’t care if we send him to The Hague and try him. I just want him to go.

“Yes, I’m on record.

“If John McCain were here, he’d be saying the same thing, I think.

“It’s time for him to go. He’s a war criminal.

“I wish somebody had taken Hitler out in the ’30s.

“So yes, Vladimir Putin is not a legitimate leader. He is a war criminal.”

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As he did on Twitter earlier this month, Senator Graham explained he wants the Russian people to carry out Putin’s assassination — not the United States.

Mr Graham said: “He needs to be dealt with by the Russian people.

“I’m not asking to invade Russia to take him out.

“I’m not asking to send American ground forces into Ukraine to fight the Russian army.

“I am asking the Russian people to rise up and end this reign of terror.”

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On the other side of the coin, Putin has seen multiple attempts to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky foiled.

Some experts now believe should he be successful in eliminating Mr Zelensky, the move will backfire on Putin as Mr Zelensky has become a “huge name” since his spirited attitude in resisting the Russian invasion.

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