Putin news: Five assassination attempts against Russian President laid bare

Vladimir Putin describes the assassination attempts against him

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The Russian President has been widely condemned for last month’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, and the West has responded by subjecting Russia to severe sanctions. Meanwhile Western leaders including US President Joe Biden labelled Putin a “war criminal” last week, after Russian troops shelled a Ukrainian school, a maternity hospital and a theatre reportedly sheltering over 1000 citizens. US Senator Lindsey Graham caused controversy by repeatedly calling upon those in the Kremlin to emulate the killers of Julius Caesar by assassinating Putin. 

Mr Graham said: “Is there a Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military?

“The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out. You would be doing your country and the world a great service.”

However, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not back calls for Putin to be assassinated, instead insisting that the Russian leader should be held to account in front of an international court. 

Even before his invasion of Ukraine, Putin had survived at least five assassination attempts. 

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In an interview with filmmaker Mr Stone, Putin discussed the attempts on his life, and admitted that he had gone so far as to ask advice from another world leader who had also survived assassination attempts. 

Speaking in 2012 for documentary ‘The Putin Interviews’ US filmmaker Mr Stone told Putin: “Three times President. Five assassination attempts I’m told. 

“Not as much as [Fidel] Castro, who I’ve interviewed. I think he must have had 50 but there’s a legitimate five [assassination attempts against Putin] I’ve heard about.”

Putin replied: “Yes, I talked to Castro about that and he said to me: ‘Do you know why I’m still alive?’

“I asked him, ‘Why?’ [Castro said] ‘Because I was always the one to deal with my security personally.’

“I do my job, and the security officers do theirs, and they are still performing quite successfully.”

Mr Stone added: “You trust your security and they’ve done a great job?”

Putin reiterated: “I trust them”.

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Putin and the Kremlin are protected by a highly trained security force called the Presidential Regiment.

The complex is protected by guard towers from which guards survey the premises while the regiment members are reportedly required to be constantly vigilant and able to hear a whisper from 20 feet away. 

The Presidential Regiment must also allegedly adhere to specific weight requirements and be of a specific height.

Despite the Presidential Regiment’s notoriety, Mr Stone said: “Because always the first mode of assassination, [is that] you try to get inside the security of the president”.

The Russian President responded: “Yes I know that. Do you know what they say among the Russian people?

“They say that ‘those that are destined to be hanged are not going to drown.’”

Mr Stone then asked what Putin’s ultimate fate may be, to which the President answered: “Only God knows are destiny. Yours and mine. 

“One day [death] is going to happen to each and every one of us. 

“The question is what we will have accomplished by then in this transient world and whether we will have enjoyed our life.”

Though the exact number of assassination attempts made against Putin is hard to determine, the President is thought to have survived at least seven attempts on his life.

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