Putin mutiny as soldier drives tank over commanding officer in protest against war

Ukraine: Counter-attack close to 'cutting off' Russian supplies

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The soldier allegedly drove a tank into Colonel Yuri Medvedev in outrage over the loss of thousands of his comrades during Russia’s war with Ukraine. His demonstration came amid growing anger over President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which is reportedly not going to plan.

Colonel Medvedev was hospitalised with severe leg injuries. Footage showed him being transported to hospital across the border in Belarus.

There are claims that the footage – which was released two weeks ago – showed him after he had been injured in battle rather than following a mutiny by one of his soldiers.

However, Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsimbalyuk has alleged that his injuries were caused by a Kremlin soldier, the Sun reported.

Mr Tsimbalyuk, who made headlines as the last Ukrainian journalist left in Russia before finally fleeing in January just weeks before Putin launched his invasion, reported that the colonel was run over by one of his own men.

He said the soldier was furious after 750 out of 1,5000 soldiers in his unit were injured or killed in the fighting.

The footage shows the colonel being unloaded out of an armoured car.

Chechen fighters can be heard asking him: “How are you? Okay? Talk to us?”

Mr Tsimbalyuk said: “A military officer of the tank battalion accused the death of friends and co-workers of the brigade commander Colonel Yuri Medvedev.

“After choosing a convenient moment, during the fight, he ran over the tank of the commander standing next to him, injuring both his legs.”

It is not known what happened to the soldier who allegedly hit Colonel Medvedev.

Russia has been accused of severely downplaying its losses in Ukraine to cover up the extent to which Kremlin troops are struggling, as Ukrainian forces put up a strong fight in the face of relentless bombardment.

In early March, the Russian defence ministry admitted that 498 Russian soldiers had been killed in action and 1,500 wounded. It has not offered another update since.

The United States has said this number should be treated with scepticism. US military intelligence estimated last week that over 7,000 troops have been killed since Putin launched his invasion on 24 February.

Ukrainian government figures claim the total to be much higher, suggesting that over 15,000 Russian troops have been lost in less than four weeks of fighting.

At least five Russian generals have also been killed in what is seen as a heavy blow to both Putin’s strategic success and morale within Kremlin troops, with reports suggesting up to 17 top Russian commanders may have been lost.

Putin’s soldiers have reportedly been sold a lie over the conflict in Ukraine, with some claiming they were told it was a training exercise and others assured they would be welcomed by Ukrainians as heroes.

A number of Russians have surrendered, including one soldier who was seen driving up to the Ukrainian lines and telling them he wanted to defect in footage circulating in the media

Pentagon officials have said that some soldiers are simply parking their military vehicles and walking away from the fighting.

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Sinister reports suggest that the Kremlin has deployed execution squads to stop men deserting in the latest sign of Putin’s brutal crackdown on all forms of opposition to the conflict in Ukraine.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has reportedly not gone as planned.

Kremlin forces have been met with more opposition from Ukrainian troops than expected and have run into a range of logistical issues such as a lack of supplies and difficulty refuelling.

Intense fighting has persisted on the ground, particularly the besieged city of Mariupol which has been decimated by Russian bombardment.

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