Putin meltdown: Furious tyrant launches purge on FSB and army officers as losses mount

Russia: Expert says Putin’s plan ‘pretty awful’

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The Russian army continues to meet determined and fierce resistance from Ukrainian troops and militia on day 17 of the war and is desperately struggling to achieve any of its objectives. New analysis from the Institute of War says that the Russian advance on Kyiv has once again stalled, as commanders attempt to resupply and refit frontline units. In addition, the Ukrainian army has launched counterattacks in the Sumy Oblast, preventing the Russians from taking any new territory in northeastern Ukraine in the last 24 hours.

Ukraine’s army has also halted Russian advances north and west from Crimea amid reports that Russian forces face growing supply and morale issues.

The Russian tyrant is reportedly livid with his intelligence officers and generals and has allegedly placed several under arrest.

Andre Soldatov, a Russian investigative journalist and security services expert, tweeted: “Putin appears to be truly unhappy with the FSB in Ukraine: he attacked the 5 Service SOiMS (FSB’s foreign Intelligence branch).

“Sergei Beseda, head of the Service, and his deputy Bolukh, head of the DOI, placed under house arrest, according to my sources inside.”

The FSB’s 5th Service is responsible for informing the Russian President about the political situation in Ukraine.

The internal security department of the FSB reportedly raided the 5th Service and over 20 other locations on Friday.

It has been suggested that the 5th Service deliberately provided false information to the Russian leader in order not to contradict Mr Putin’s belief that an invasion of Ukraine would be welcomed by the people and would achieve its objectives swiftly.

Russians have been told by the Kremlin that their troops have been sent to Ukraine to “denazify” the country and that they would be welcomed as “liberators”.

However, Russian soldiers have been met with skilled and fierce resistance and have suffered heavy losses.

Recent estimates by the Ukrainian armed forces claim that the Russians have lost up to 12,000 soldiers.

To put this into perspective, the Soviet Union suffered 15,000 dead during the nine year occupation of Afghanistan.

Mr Putin’s anger has not just been directed as his FSB colleagues.

The Kremlin strongman has also some of his most senior military commanders in his sights.

Oleksiy Danilov, the Ukrainian Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, claimed last week that the Kremlin had replaced eight generals due to their failures in Ukraine.

It comes as the Russian military continues to target civilians with shelling and rocket attacks.

On Saturday, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry claimed that the Russians shelled a mosque in the southern port city of Mariupol.


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Over 80 adults and children were said to be sheltering in the mosque at the time.

The Foreign Ministry tweeted that Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent mosque in Mariupol had been shelled by Russian “invaders”.

It said: “More than 80 adults and children are hiding there from the shelling, including citizens of Turkey.”

Ukrainian refugees continue to pour across the borders into Poland and Romania.

Latest estimates by the UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, put the number of those fleeing the war at more than 2.5 million.

There are a further 1.85 million people internally displaced in Ukraine.

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