Punter confronted by angry mob after taking photo of womans bum in pub

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A shocking video showing the moment a pubgoer is confronted after allegedly being caught taking a picture of a woman's bum at a pub has been shared to warn off other creeps with similar plans.

In the clip, which was taken at the Lakeside Pub and Grill in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, a woman notices the man holding a picture of a woman's bottom on his phone.

But she soon realises that the woman in the shot is standing at the bar wearing cycling shorts and a bikini top, as he starts typing something on the picture.

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It is believed the man took the photo to send to a friend on WhatsApp, before he was confronted by the woman who was recording him as she asked: "Are you taking pictures of girls' bums?"

To which the man replies: "No!"

The woman recording then argues that the bloke is photographing a woman's bum, before rushing to inform the woman that he had been taking pictures of her. She said: "Excuse me, do you know this guy? He just took a picture of your bum. This guy here."

The pictured woman, who appears to be in shock, shouted over to a younger man she is with as she goes to confront the guy with her photo.

That younger man tells the 'perv' to "give me the f***ing phone", but the older man refuses.

He is then pushed and as the situation gets increasingly heated, others in the pub start to join in.

The man with the phone then gathers his friends to tell them they have to leave – but the mob follows as several people call him a "pervert" and demand he hands over his phone.

However, he insisted: "I've deleted it, I've deleted it."

But they won't let him go without proof and wait until he has done so.

The woman apparently in the photo was taken has since spoken out about the incident as she said: "I was at the bar ordering some chips when I had a lady tap me on the shoulder and asked if I knew a certain old man as she had just witnessed him take a photo of my bum and go to send it on WhatsApp along with writing ‘f***ing hot young girl’.

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"At which point you hear me shout for my boyfriend to come in and confront him. At this point, he tries to deny it all and lie about it even though he has been caught out massively as the lady got it all on record.

"After denying it many times and it causing a ruckus in the pub, the landlady got involved and tried to defuse the situation, once I explain what had happened and how it was all caught on camera, she insisted he opened up his phone to delete the photo he took and was forwarding on WhatsApp, which at the time we thought was just the one, turns out on his actual camera roll there were another three photos!

"He eventually deleted it but then tried hiding his phone quickly forgetting the fact iPhones have recently deleted!

"Once I realised that I told the man to get up his recently deleted which he chose to then argue about and leave there, funnily enough, there were four photos he deleted of my bum on his phone! Absolutely disgusting man!"


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