Pub owner says dont come in stinking of drink or p*** in no-nonsense job ad

A pub landlord has caused a social media stir with a job advert demanding an interviewee does not come in “stinking of drink or p**s”.

Craig Harker, who owns the George Pub & Grills chain, said that he needs “a load of awesome people” to grow the brand “right across the country”.

While looking for the usual points normally found in a job advert, from “right work ethic” to someone who can “hit the ground running”, the boss also said he does not want someone “coming in absolutely stinking of drink or p**s after a night out”, writes Teeside Live.

The advert on the brand's Facebook page reads: “Right then, as we grow as a business and open up new venues across Teesside we also need to recruit a load of awesome people to join our teams in Stockton, Middlesbrough, Redcar as well as Sadberge, Darlington.

“Yep, we're taking over.

“You've all seen the George on FB and know the awesome food we knock out.

“Parmos banging, Smash burgers unreal – and unbelievable Sunday dinners.

“Have you worked in a kitchen?

“Are you a chef or cook?

“Are you a quick learner and not one for these that need showing again and again and again and still get it ****ing wrong lol?

“We need people who can hit the ground running.

“Don't know how much time we've wasted on the wrong people, so please only apply if you have the work ethic to succeed.”

He's also realistic, and knows that chefs are a “dying breed”, so has offered to train the right people, too.

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Jokingly, he added: “If you need a mint before the interview then there's a shop next door.

“If you feel your pits are a little fruity then nip and buy some deodorant quickly before the interview.

“Be prepared to lose your social life – don't worry, I'll open up the Irish Bar on Wednesdays and Sundays just for you lot with discounted drinks all night with no work the next day.

“I'll even get in karaoke first singing a bit of Let's Get Ready to Rumble.

“If you have a spare Sunday, then that's absolutely rammed so I will even offer the right people looking for extra income just Sunday hours!”

And, possibly the biggest bonus of them all, Mr Harker is offering “free cake Sundays” to anyone he hires.

The advert caused a commotion on Facebook, too.

David Burgess commented: "When do I start? Sounds like a perfect job!!"

And Mark Ohalleron said: "I don't think you could get a better boss."

Wendy Green wrote: "A good boss makes happy workers and you seem a great boss."

And this comment, from Andrew Thomas, feels like a backhanded compliment.

He wrote: "Sounds as if you’re recruiting for the savoy it’s only pub grub at the end of the day, good luck in finding the right people, I know it’s hard I’ve had the same problem in the past employing people."

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