Prince Harrys four words to therapist he was begging to change his life

Prince Harry begged a therapist to help him cry in a bid to change his life, according to his soon-to-be-released book Spare.

The outspoken prince, whose memoir is released on Tuesday (January 10), has addressed parts of his life that have previously been off-limits to the public.

He shared his system for buying clothes from discount store TK Maxx, how he tripped on mushrooms with Courteney Cox and now, what he first spoke to his therapist about.

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Harry, 38, admitted he was "nervous" as he went to meet the female therapist for the first time. He said the chat started on the subject of his mother, Princess Diana.

He said the therapist gave him a "long searching look" when he said he was "afraid of losing my mother," years after she'd already died.

Harry explained that using therapy to rid himself of the pain of her passing might mean that he loses any presence of Diana, who was killed in a car crash in 1997.

"You see the pain is all that I have left of her," he quoted himself as saying. "Without the pain she might think I've forgotten her."

He explained that his memories of Diana were gone, and looking at photo albums didn't help.

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  • Harry wrote that he told the therapist that his mother was no longer "images or impressions," but rather a "hole in his heart".

    She asked why he was there. "What I need is to be rid of this heaviness in my chest. I need…I need to cry. Please. Help me to cry," he wrote.

    He also details a second session where she helps him process his anger at the press and tells him "part of him is still trapped in 1997".

    Elsewhere, he's been frank about his drug use which included snorting cocaine and smoking cannabis as well as a subsequent trip to rehab.

    He opens up about trying cocaine for the first time aged 17, explaining that the high didn't make him feel great.

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