Prince Harry has been undermined by Meghan Markle and will feel bad -expert

A Royal expert has blasted Meghan Markle for 'undermining' Prince Harry and claimed the royal couple have only come to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee to promote themselves.

Royal biographer Tom Bower made the extraordinary claims on GB News last night while in conversation with presenter Dan Wooton.

Referencing the couple being snapped by the window at the Trooping the Colour ceremony yesterday (June 2),

"I thought it was extraordinary how she thrust herself at the window in that oversized hat.

"She has come over here to promote herself."

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He also said that the fact Prince Harry himself was relegated to window duty at the prestigious parade rather than appearing alongside Prince Charles and Prince William will have hurt Harry and made him question his choices.

He said: "I think Harry will feel bad.

"He should’ve been on parade, he should’ve been in his uniform, that’s what his whole life was about.

"In that sense, Meghan has undermined him completely and set him on the track against is own family."

The couple had already come into some flack from some Royal fans after they were snapped asking children to be quiet – a fact some saw as ironic considering their reputation for tell-all interviews.

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Reacting to the photos, many people on social media accused Meghan of having a 'brass neck'.

Taking to Twitter, one staunch Royalist roared: "So much irony in this picture of Meghan Markle telling anyone to be quiet when she can not even control her own mouth."

Another took umbrage with the same gesture, calling it priceless: "Meghan Markle telling the younger royals to be quiet. Priceless coming from her."

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