Prince Harry claims someone inside the Palace had it in for Meghan

Prince Harry claimed "someone or multiple someones" inside Buckingham Palace deliberately helped to build a "super-narrative" painting Meghan Markle in a bad light.

In his memoir Spare, officially released on Tuesday (January 10), the Duke of Sussex recalled how Meghan was gradually made to look like a "witch […] causing everyone to run from her" after being tirelessly pitted against Kate Middleton.

"It kept on and on. One story after another," the memoir reads.

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"Who can ever forget the spate of front-page stories making Meg out to be singlehandedly responsible for the End Times?"

"Specifically, she’d been 'caught' eating avocado toast, and many stories explained breathlessly that the harvesting of avocados was hastening the destruction of the rainforests, destabilising developing countries and helping to fund state terrorism.

"Of course the same media had recently swooned over Kate’s love of avocados. ('Oh, how they make Kate’s skin glow!')"

Harry said that while in the past Meghan had merely been compared with the Princess of Wales, now it appeared she was in a league of her own, facing a barrage of mean-spirited criticisms – and said this was helped by someone in the Palace who allegedly had it in for Meghan.

The Duke of Sussex continued: "Notably, it was around this time that the super-narrative embedded within each story began to shift."

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"It was no longer about two women fighting, two duchesses at odds, or even two households.

"It was about one person being a witch and causing everyone to run from her, and that one person was my wife.

"And in building this super-narrative the press was clearly being assisted by someone or multiple someones inside the Palace.

"One day it was: Yuck – Meg’s bra strap was showing. (Classless Meghan.)

"The next day: Yikes – she’s wearing that dress? (Trashy Meghan.)"

Harry's memoir, which was leaked in Spain last week ahead of its official release, made several references to the competition between Kate and Meghan, Prince William and himself, and the two couples.

Harry specifically took aim at the "Team Cambridge versus Team Sussex" dynamic which caused so much tension it saw staff members "slump across their desks and weep".

"They were constantly setting our two groups of staff against each other," Harry said.

"Nerves were shattering, people were sniping. In such a climate there was no such thing as constructive criticism. All feedback was seen as an affront, an insult."

Harry added that one of the then-Cambridges blamed Meghan for the entire fallout.

"For all of this, every bit of it, Willy blamed one person. Meg. He told me several times, and he got cross when I told him it was out of line," he said.

The autobiography also saw Harry recall, through ghostwriter JR Moehringer, the moment he told his brother and sister-in-law that he was dating an American actress.

"I casually mentioned that there was… a new woman in my life.

"They surged forward. 'Who is she?' I'll tell you, but please, please, please, I need you both to keep it a secret."

When Harry confessed the lady in question was an American actress, Kate and William replied: "Oh."

The Duke then told them that she was on a show called Suits, causing the scene to erupt into chaos.

He recalled: "Their mouths fell open.

"They turned to each other. Then Willy turned to me and said: 'F*** off!'."

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