Prince Harry backlash for jumping on bandwagon over latest Covid lecture

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Prince Harry faces backlash after being accused of "jumping on the bandwagon" on lecturing the Covid vaccine programmes.

The Duke of Sussex sent a video message to mark World AIDS Day, in which he compared the Covid vaccine rollout to past global failures in dealing with the HIV epidemic.

But talkRadio royal correspondent Rupert Bell called out the 37-year-old prince for "comparing like with like".

He spoke on the show: "He is comparing the situation to what happened with AIDS, which of course, spread through Africa and various places as if it was a pandemic.

"He is accusing people of not doing enough to help those countries during the AIDS pandemic 40 years ago, and he is comparing like with like."

Rupert mentioned that Harry did a similar stunt in September when he and wife Meghan Markle attended Global Citizen Live in New York.

He called on the ultra-wealthy pharmaceutical companies to waive their intellectual property rights on Covid vaccines.

"Harry had a pop at a pharmaceutical company but they are not interested, they are just looking to sorting out the richer countries because they are the countries that can pay for the vaccines," the royal commentator added.

"He's done this before, so it's another way to give him an impression – 'yes it's very worthy, the attention, of course we want to help as many people as possible'.

"But it's an easy headline for Harry to get in these circumstances. Jumping on the bandwagon maybe although Diana, his mother, was very much in the forefront of helping the AIDS situation."

Harry and Meghan were reportedly "under pressure" after failing to produce any content for Spotify this year.

The Sussexes signed a whopping £18 million contract with the streaming platform but they only have one show under their belts, which is a 35-minute holiday special last December.

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