Pressure is getting to him Putins speech shows Kremlin is looking for escape route

Ukraine: Putin 'looking for escape route' says Keith Kellogg

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Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg has claimed that “the pressure is getting to Vladimir Putin” as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine falters. Speaking to Fox Business, the top US general said that Putin’s chilling speech on Wednesday, when he vowed a “society cleansing” in Russia, was a sign the Russian leader was struggling to cope. This comes as Russian forces “remain largely stalled across” Ukraine, according to a senior US defence official.

Lt. Gen. Kellogg said: “You are looking at someone who is stretched a bit, and I think the pressure is getting to him, very candidly.

“He is looking for an escape route. He may not be saying that but I think he is.

“He has a lot of pressures on him. We need to give him a meditator.

“Biden can’t do it because he doesn’t like Biden and Biden doesn’t like him.”

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The US general continued: “He doesn’t work well with Olaf Scholz of Germany or Macron of France.

“I would reach out to the Finnish President Sauli Niinistö. He is a leader of a non-aligned Western country and he has even played ice hockey with him.”

Earlier today, President Putin addressed tens of thousands of cheering Russians at a rally in Moscow celebrating eight years since the annexation of Crimea.

However, it later emerged that many of those attending “had been pressured into attending by their employers,” according to the BBC’s Will Vernon.

Vladimir Putin's speech is cut short on Russian state TV feed

The Moscow-based producer spoke to dozens of those queueing to enter the venue for the pro-Kremlin rally.

One man said: “I’ll be here for a while and then I’ll leave. I think most people here don’t support the war. I don’t.”

Students told the BBC they had been given a day off from lectures if they attended “a concert”.


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In an interview on CNN this evening, US defence secretary Lloyd Austin said Russia made a number of significant “missteps” in its invasion so far.

Mr Austin told CNN he has not seen evidence of “good employment of tactical intelligence” or “integration of air capability with a ground manoeuvre”.

He added: “There are a number of things that we would expect to have seen that we just haven’t seen.

“Many of their assumptions have not proven to be true as they entered this fight.

“I think Russia envisioned that they would move rapidly and very quickly seize the capital city, they’ve not been able to do that.”

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