Pregnant women are fleeing halfway across the world so kids arent born Russian

Pregnant women are fleeing in their thousands to Argentina in a desperate bid to give birth anywhere but Russia.

And they are doing it so that their soon-to-be children will not be born of Russian nationality.

The vast majority of countries have ostracized Russia and its people ever since President Vladimir Putin first ordered his troops into Ukraine as part of his illegal invasion.

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As a result, Russia cannot be represented in any international sport and the country continues to face sanctions both politically and in business.

However, more than 10,000 savvy Russian mothers wanting to save their children from enduring such issues in the future, have been fleeing to Argentina in what is being called “birth tourism”.

Argentina’s immigration office director Florencia Carignano said: “5,800 of them were in the last three months, many of them declaring they were in the 33rd or 34th week of pregnancy.

“Everyone is looking for options.

“The problem is that they arrive, have their children and then leave Argentina never to come back.

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“We cannot allow them to shamelessly lie to us saying that they are tourists when they are not.”

According to official statistics, around 7,000 of the women who went to the South American country went home immediately after giving birth, having appointed Argentinian lawyers to sort out the citizenship for their new children.

In an attempt to crack down on it, Ms Carignano has already taken action against it.

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She explained: “What we are doing is suspending residence permits of those Russians who came here to receive a residence permit because their child is an Argentinian national, however, they spent more time abroad than in Argentina.

“If the court, despite this information, wants to provide a person who doesn't and has never lived in Argentina with a citizenship, that's on them.

“We are cancelling permits for these Russians.”

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