Poundland customers beg others not to eat bargain leather steak

Loyal Poundland customers are furious after buying a bargain steak.

The rump steak, which appeared on the cheap high street store's shelves a few weeks ago, is 200gs and comes in at a very cheap £2.50.

It is also labelled as “superior beef” and is produced by Castlerahan.

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However, according to many users who have tried it it doesn't quite taste how it should.

Posting on an extreme couponing Facebook group, one user wrote: “Don't put this into your body, I beg of you.

“If you want a steak, invest in it a little bit more. This ain't it.”

And another wrote: “Awful, like shoe leather but to be fair it's really difficult to buy decent steak these days.”

Some on the group were also confused as to why it didn't cost £1 – however, despite Poundland's name, the vast majority of its products do not cost one pound.

A typical 222g rump steak from Ocado – produced by Marks and Spencer – costs around £4.30, which is less than double what the cheap version comes to.

A Poundland spokesman said: “Our Castlerahan rump steaks are from one of Ireland’s leading producers – who also supply other well known food retailers across the UK & Ireland.

“Customers that have actually tried it, have loved the taste as well as the price.”

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Castlerahan meat products can also be found in other cheap supermarkets, such as Heron Foods and Lidl.

A thread on a farming forum from last year does appear to explain why the beef appears to taste of something other than beef.

A post states: “The Castlerahan brand is more likely demonstrating Lidl's loyalty to the Irish beef industry.

“After all, because they are putting 40% quinoa in the beef that means it's OK transport it further, thus cancelling out the GHG savings? (transport costs)

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“Like I said earlier, this is a food labelling issue, they are claiming to save the planet but hoodwinking consumers into buying imported beef that has been bulked out with quinoa.”

And another wrote: “Who would have thought that in 2021 there would be a need for something not seen much since food rationing almost a century ago, a meat extender/substitute?

“The world is going to the dogs.

“If people are that desperate they could just eat less meat and add some more spuds or carrots, fresh from local fields.”

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