Poorly dog filmed taking herself to bed every night with her favourite toy

Heartwarming footage of a poorly dog taking herself to bed with her best cuddly toy has gone viral.

Bella, an eight-year-old Labrador, has had two operations on her back legs recently meaning she walks slower than most pooches her age.

But her surgeries haven’t stopped her continuing her nightly routine when it’s time for bed.

Video posted by her owner Lisa Wenny to TikTok shows Bella slowly walking up the stairs to go to bed.

She carries her “fave ted” in her mouth before glancing at her owner and then walking off.

“Every night she takes herself off to bed with her fave ted,” the caption reads.

Since being posted last week, the video has exploded on TikTok with more than 630,000 people watching it.

And it’s fair to say viewers fell in love with Bella.

“This is the cutest thing in my entire life,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Aww, my heart melted.”

“She is absolutely beautiful, bless her,” a third said.

While a fourth added: “That’s just so cute I’m going to die.”

And another gushed: “That’s too cute, I really want her.”

It comes after a golden retriever was filmed being unable to hold her excitement at her daily routine with her neighbour.

Stella is walked by a kind neighbour every day to help out her elderly owner and footage posted on Reddit shows how she greets him.

And goldies aren’t the only dog breeds to have adorable routines. Daily Star recently revealed the busy morning routines of Dachshunds that have melted hearts on TikTok.

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