Pontins Brean Sands unfit for a dog from used condom to mould and poo stains

Pontins has become notorious for guests slamming it as a 'holiday from hell', but the brand has guaranteed one resort will be complaint free for next three years.

No matter the constant stream of comments left by disappointed holidaymakers, rubbishing the budget parks across the UK, Pontins very much remains a popular destination for families.

Brean Sands park in Burnham-on-Seam, Somerset, has announced it will be closing its doors to the public so up to 900 employees from Hinkley Point C can stay there for work to be carried out on the new nuclear plant.

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The news will come as a crushing disappointment for many families hoping to enjoy a summer break on the Bristol Channel but for some previous guests, it hasn't come soon enough.

'I wouldn't let my dog sleep there'

A dad stormed out of the Pontins resort five minutes after arriving and claims he discovered "filth, grime and ants" in his chalet.

Mark Woodbine arrived at the Somerset resort hoping for a bit of R&R with his daughter Ellie, five.

He said: "It was horrendous. I checked in at 4pm and I was gone by five-past.

"I know it's a cheap holiday but I didn't expect that at all. It looked totally different on the pictures."

He continued: "It looked like the floor had been mopped but that was all. It was horrendous.

"The oven hadn't been cleaned, there was grime and rust inside the microwave. The bed linen looked like it was from the 1960s, the filth on the windows was unreal and it stank of damp.

"I just shut the door, I wouldn't let my dog sleep in there, never mind me and my daughter."

'Mould left us retching and crying'

Samantha Sullivan, from Bristol, slammed the grubby conditions at Brean Sands, which she claimed included a stinking mouldy fridge.

The nightmare began with a two-hour queue in hot weather to get to the accommodation.

She said: “In the bathroom there was no shower curtain.

“The chalet had been cleaned but in the fridge there was some milk dated April 1 (three weeks before their stay) – the smell I was retching and so was my eldest daughter.

“There was mould in the fridge and my four-year-old started crying. I got home and spent the night crying. I felt like I had failed my kids.”

'Used condom in the wardrobe'

James and Cheryl Meeson took their 11-year-old son Ethan on the £100-a-night holiday near Weston-Super-Mare and allegedly found a used condom in a wardrobe.

Having checked into Pontins for a three-night stay, the family lasted just six hours.

"From the word go, it was horrendous. You've never seen anywhere like it.

“One of the kids went into the bedroom, but then they opened the wardrobe and at the back of the wardrobe there was a used condom.

"The oven was vile, there were all dried up, burnt chips down the side. The microwave was all rusty and dirty. The bath had a crack in it, it was all leaking. There were poo stains in the toilet."

'Skid marks and dead spiders'

Nicola Fawkes, 37, arrived armed with cleaning products yet she, her four children, parents and niece were still shocked to find rubbish and dirt "everywhere".

Nicola said: "Pontins has its reputation. We had our cleaning essentials ready, expecting a bit of dust. With Covid, I naively thought they'd stepped up their game but nothing could prepare us for what we walked into."

"My daughters were going, 'Oh my god mam, look at this, it's disgusting.'

"The fridge was in the middle of the kitchen unplugged. Where the fridge was supposed to be, there was dirt. There were burn marks on the splashback for the cooker. The wardrobe was in the middle of one bedroom.

"There was a big long screw on one of the beds. In the bathroom there were faeces down the toilet. There were dead spiders on the ceilings."

"It's not fit for a dog."

Pontins has been contacted for comment.


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