Police rescue six puppies trapped in plastic container in car boot

Police rescued six helpless puppies from a car boot after the driver was pulled over at a speed checkpoint.

The car was stopped on the M7 in Mayfield, County Kildare, Ireland on August 29.

The driver, a man in his late teens, did not have paperwork for the animals, which were being kept in a plastic container.

None of the dogs were microchipped and they were too young to be separated from their mothers, the Irish Herald reports.

A Garda spokesperson said: "A Fixed Charge Penalty Notice was issued to the driver in relation to the speeding offence.

"No arrests have been made and a file is being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions in relation to the seizure of the dogs. Investigations are ongoing.”

The dogs were seized by police and and transferred to the care of the Kildare and West Wicklow Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (KWWSPCA).

Earlier this month, 27 dogs were rescued from a squalid house in Mexico City – after they had started eating each other.

In disturbing footage, a sickly-looking dog poked its head out through a window half-concealed by a grubby and torn curtain.

Whimpering from various animals could be heard in the background.

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Inside the filthy property, piled high with junk, more malnourished dogs stood around barking before the camera zoomed in on piles of faeces left on the floor.

A dead dog with black fur appeared to be lying on the hard concrete.

The police raid took place on Bellini Street in the colony of Peralvillo after neighbours complained about the constant noise of barking in the decrepit property, used for dog breeding.

Local residents also claimed that the dogs were kept chained up, were rarely fed, and even ate each other.

Twenty adult dogs used for breeding and seven puppies were rescued from the filthy conditions.

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