Police officers filmed dragging naked protester by her hair on Parliament grounds

Two police officers have been filmed dragging a naked female protester by her hair at Parliament grounds today.

Footage sent to the Herald shows the officers dragging the naked woman from the protest crowd.

The woman is pinned to the ground and handcuffed.

She is then partially covered in a white sheet and escorted away.

During the video, a number of police officers can be seen holding off protesters as they try to break through the wall.

Police arrested 120 people at the convoy protest on Parliament grounds today, Wellington District Commander Superintendent Corrie Parnell confirmed this afternoon.

A police spokeswoman said they are not in a position to comment on individual arrests, such as that of the naked woman.

“More generally, Superintendent Corrie Parnell this afternoon said he had watched much of the footage from today and that police have acted proportionately, fairly and professionally,” the spokeswoman said.

Anti-mandate protesters have been camped on Parliament’s lawn since Tuesday.

“In terms of the 120 arrested today the charges are trespass or obstruction,” Parnell told media this afternoon. No one has been charged with assault at this stage.

The Wellington District Commander denied police used excessive force.

“I think if you’ve watched any of the footage today, which I have intently, and our people have acted proportionately, fairly and very professionally.”

Parnell said protesters were bailed to appear in court and were given a trespass notice, which meant they could not return to Parliament grounds. CCTV and drones are being used to monitor and identify protesters who may return after being arrested and trespassed.

Parnell said officers would stay at Parliament overnight and continue to monitor the protesters. More officers would be coming from all over the country in the next few days.

In terms of how long it may take for the protest to wrap up, Parnell said it could go into the “coming days”.

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