Polexit? Poland ramps up pressure on EU with landmark court ruling

EU: Expert on fears of Poland being 'marginalised'

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A Polish court has ruled that European Union (EU) laws are incompatible with its constitution in a major blow for the European superpower. The ruling is being considered a huge step toward a potential exit from the European Union against the backdrop of major rows between Poland’s rulers and the bloc’s big players.

The ruling could have far reaching consequences for Warsaw’s future relations with the EU.

The tribunal ruled: “The effort by the Court of Justice of the European Union to interfere in the Polish justice system violates the principle of rule of law, the principle of the primacy of the Polish constitution as well as the principle of retaining sovereignty in the process of European integration.”

Piotr Müller, the government spokesperson, said Thursday’s ruling backs Morawiecki’s motion.

He said: “The supremacy of constitutional law above other legal systems stems literally from the Polish constitution.

“Poland … respects the applicable norms of EU law to the extent that they have been established in areas explicitly and expressly provided for in EU treaties.”

However, the legitimacy of the tribunal is being contested as it follows appointments of judges loyal to the country’s ruling party, Law and Justice party – which is in itself a violation of Poland’s constitution.

The question was submitted by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on whether the Court of Justice of the EU is going too far in its rulings on Poland’s judicial system and exceeds its competences under the European Treaties.

The initial reaction from the European Commission is strongly worded, to say the least.

The latest drama between the two is the latest in a long running confrontation.

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