Podcast sleuth may have solved Fred The Head murder mystery of man found naked

An amateur sleuth reckons they’ve solved the mystery of an unidentified murder victim from 52 years ago.

The name of the victim, known as “Fred the Head” has remained a mystery for years, but now the sleuth thinks it could be a missing man who vanished in Liverpool.

The man was found in 1971, buried in a mound of dirt next Newton Road in Winshull.

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His remains were found with his arms tied to his ankles behind his back and was wearing nothing but a pair of socks.

Staffordshire Livereports the skull of the remains was found poking up above the ground – giving the victim the moniker Fred the Head.

The host of a dedicated Fred the Head podcast now reckons he’s got to the bottom of the man’s identity.

Ken Davies thinks he might have worked it out, identifying a man called John Gick, who went missing in February 1969.

Mr Gick, a single 37-year-old Scoutmaster, vanished around two months before the March 26, 1971 discovery of Fred the Head.

The body is thought to have been in the ground for at least 18 months at the time of discovery.

He was in Liverpool from the Isle of Man for a Scouting event when he went missing.

Gick went to visit a friend in Prenton, Wirral, l, leaving his Scouts in the care of one of his colleagues at 4pm. He said he’d be back at 6:40pm.

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According to an old article in the Liverpool ECHO, he was attacked by a group of youths as he left a toilet at 5pm and wasn’t seen afterwards. Gick’s van was found Liverpool Landing Stage.

Mr Davies told Staffordshire Live that, while Gick had had lots of dental work done the place where it was carried out remains unknown.

He claims this helps the theory because records from the Isle of Man may have remained unturned during the original investigation.

A spokesperson for Staffordshire Police said: "We can confirm that this has been reported to us and we will be in touch with Mr Davies to discuss the information he has provided. The matter is subject to periodical reviews to establish if any new lines of enquiry can be pursued."


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