Pint-loving mini pony that guzzles Guinness moves to new home with booze on tap

A miniature pint-loving pony has found a new home.

Patrick became famous in Devon for being found at the bar of the Drum Inn pub.

And now, due to his love of the boozer, he's living in its garden – just a short trot to the Guinness tap on the bar.

Born on St Patrick's Day – hence the name – he was often seen by the side of owner Kirk Petrakis.

Patrick and the other horses who pull the famous Cockington carriages recently had to leave their home at stables in the village.

Stepping in to provide a new home, Drum Inn landlord Matthew McKinley-Booton said they have built Patrick an enclosure in the pub garden.

The pony will now spend his life as a fully-trained therapy pony – having previously been a part of a team of ponies who took tourists around the town on carriages as part of a popular tourist attraction during the summer.

Patrick is now the official mascot for Devon Recovery Learning Community and to the War Horse Memorial.

Kirk said: "At the pub, he likes a sip of Guinness and he has a carrot – that's it.

"It's a special treat for him. We decided on Guinness as he was born on St Patrick's Day.

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"It also has some nutritional value for him. He just has a few sips – nothing too heavy.

"The response has been brilliant. People coming over to take photos and lots of children enjoyed meeting him.

"He loves being in the pub and he really loves all the attention."

Last year, when the future of the horse, and its stalemates, was under threat, Mr Petrakis told the Daily Star that it would be “sad” if the community wouldn't be able to see the tourist attraction again.

Council bosses were calling time on his drinking after a row about grazing land after the owners had been asking the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust for many months for better winter grazing.

But despite the land never coming, the pub owners have now found their own solution for their favourite punter, instead.

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