Pervert upskirter who had sick ‘catalogue’ of vile images allowed to leave UK

A man who took dozens of 'upskirt' images of women and had an image of person having sex with an octopus has been allowed to return to Greece by a judge.

Eleftherios Zampoulakis, 34, was caught when a security guard saw him acting suspiciously in a Topshop store in July 2018 and called police.

It was then discovered he had a "catalogue" of files including more upskirting, child abuse images and extreme porn, which showed a person performing sex acts on a horse and octopus.

He was handed an 18-month prison sentence but a judge suspended it for two years so he could immediately return to the Greek island of Crete.

Southwark Crown Court heard Zampoulakis lives on the island with his wife and under the watchful eye of his family has been attending sex addiction therapy.

Judge Martin Griffith said: "It would be difficult to make any sort of community order in this country because you plan to go back to Crete.

"And I'm happy for you to do that because you will be back in Crete under the watchful guise of the women in your life."

Zampoulakis admitted one count of outraging public decency, one count of voyeurism, one count of possessing extreme porn, one count of possessing prohibited images of a child and three counts of possessing indecent images of children – all between May 2018 and April 2019.

The court heard the child abuse images on his hard drive were in a folder named "ill3gal", and the youngest children in the images were believed to be around seven-years-old.

Prosecutor Scott Brady said: "The defendant was noticed in Topshop. It transpired that what he had been doing was photographing two women, commonly known as upskirting.

"A number of devices were seized from him. Photographs and footage were found on them. A recording device and memory stick had ten files of upskirting files of 13 different women. None of them seemed to be aware of being filmed.

"There were 37 recordings on an iPhone, seven were upskirting, five were taken of women's legs under a table or desk. On that phone there was also a video of a topless woman who appeared to be in her own flat.

"A hard drive had to be downloaded and analysed by police. Police returned to arrest him again for indecent images of children."

Sarah Elliott, defending, said Zampoulakis has paid to attend various programs and therapy in the two years since his arrest.

She said: "He and his wife returned to Crete at the start of lockdown.

"His wife is based in Crete and is a recipient of the monitoring software. She checks all his devices daily with reports going to her.

"His family – both his parents and her parents – are fully aware of what's gone on and are more involved in his life – even more than is the Greek tradition because of his issue.

"He has undertaken all the sorts of therapeutic work that the probation service would ever suggest for him and more.

"He hasd been attending a sex offenders clinic for the last two and a half years, he has had psychiatric help, he has done the Lucy Faithfull course and sexual psychotherapy.

"The sexual therapy is at his own expense and is for his sexual addiction which he attends twice a week remotely."

Judge Griffith said: "You have pleaded guilty to a category of sexual offences involving a variety of ways in which you have been carrying this out in order for your own sexual gratification.

"They are a shocking catalogue involving upskirting ladies, possession of extreme pornography involving animals, images of children doing disgusting things.

"The whole thing came about because you were caught with your equipment trying upskirting images in a shop.

"It speaks volumes for you that in the time this has been hanging around you have taken steps to address the reasons for your behaviour."

He added: "He can carry on all he's doing. If he feels the urge to look up women's skirts or children or extreme images in this country he knows what will happen if he comes before me again."

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