Peru Two drug mule Michaella McCollum wows in lingerie as she leaves past behind

A woman who found fame being part of a pair of drug mules has seemingly put her past behind her if her latest Instagrampost is anything to go by.

Northern Ireland-born Michaella McCollum was working as a part-time model and nightclub hostess in Ibiza, when she made world headlines for being arrested in Peru, carrying 11kg worth of cocaine out of the country.

She was captured alongside Glasgow-born sales assistant Melissa Reid.

The double act had concealed the class A drug inside porridge and jelly packets to help mask the smell and to hide the evidence of any suspicious behaviour.

They were caught at Lima Airport before boarding a long-haul flight to Madrid, Spain by customs officers and were arrested.

Together, they were nicknamed the Peru Two.

Michaella was released on 31 March 2016 after applying to be freed on parole after the initial prospect in remaining in Peru for up to six years. and Melissa was later released on 21 June 2016 after the Peruvian authorities agreed to ‘expel’ her from the country.

But this week, pictured in gold silk shorts and a slinky black top, it seems that Ms McCollum is loving life.

She took the photo while kneeling on her greyed carpet floor, in her bedroom.

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And her 72k Instagram followers are loving it, too.

Comments on the post range from “hot and sexy” to “absolutely stunning”.

It is one of many similar posts the 26-year-old has posted recently, showing that she is far removed from the young girl who spent a long time in a Peruvian prison.

Earlier this month, the mother-of-two, to two twin boys, posted a photo of herself and her sons enjoying a trip to Dublin Zoo – although she admitted that the lads, called Rio and Rafael, were "disappointed they couldn't hold" the animals, presumably due to coronavirus restrictions.

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Ms McCollum's social media profile has boomed in the last year.

In May 2020, she only had 36,000 followers – which is half of what she now has.

She also released a book about her Peru ordeal in 2019, called You'll Never See Daylight Again – which was later turned into a BBC series, too.

To coincide with the BBC drama, she released an updated version of her memoir.

In it, she revealed more about her former drug-taking habits.

She said: "I’d taken so much of all of them (different drugs) during the five weeks I’d been there (in Ibiza) that I honestly didn’t see the problem.

"We were in that Ibizan bubble. In my addled logic, everyone I knew took drugs and they had to get them from somewhere.

"I saw lifting this package no differently to how I would see some kind of cash-in-hand payment – not legal, as such, but a minor crime at worst, like a traffic offence.

"As the party wore on, I got more and more drawn into the hedonistic mood of the day. Everyone was high and, just to make things even more animated, I was persuaded by a group of friends to drop some acid.

"At one point I could have sworn one of the club staff was a train conductor trying to show me to my seat – another time, I was seeing Disney characters everywhere."

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