Pennsylvania election results: Real-time results from U.S. election

As the turbulent 2020 U.S. election campaign comes to an end on Tuesday, Nov. 3, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden see Pennsylvania as critical to winning the White House.

Polls close in Pennsylvania at 8 p.m. ET and results should come pouring into the chart above shortly thereafter. As the count continues, the chart will change to show the latest results for the state.

Both candidates made several campaign stops in Pennsylvania in the hopes of securing its 20 electoral votes.

Trump visited the Keystone state 13 times, while Biden made 16 stops, and both were there on the eve of the election.

Pennsylvania has been one of the key battlegrounds of the 2020 presidential race, with its loyal Republican rural support and a resurgence of Democratic support in more urban and suburban areas.

Every presidential candidate to win in Pennsylvania has won the presidency since 2008.

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