Pelosi delivers hammerblow to own party as Taiwan visits makes Joe Biden look weak

Pelosi made Biden 'look weak' with visit to Taiwan says Bolt

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Australian broadcaster Andrew Bolt commented on Nancy Pelosi’s decision to go to Taiwan despite having her own President opposed to the move. He argued the US Speaker made Joe Biden look “weak” by pushing ahead with her visit to Taipei. Bur surprisingly suggested Ms Pelosi made President Xi Jinping look “even weaker” as she called is bluff about retaliating on her for the visit.

The Sky News Australia host argued: “I think she’s made Joe Biden look weak, but she’s President Xi Jinping of China look even weaker.”

Referring to Xi Jinping, he stressed: “He’s been humiliated and after all those threats she’s still gone and what is he going to do now?”

The comments came as correspondent Annelise Nielsen to the broadcaster that Nancy Pelosi’s decision to go to Taiwan has been backed by members of the Republican Party, who showed great bipartisan support to the US Speaker.

She said: “There’s been huge amount of support on Capital Hill, there’s Republicans who in a million years wouldn’t dream of coming out and saying that they supported Nancy Pelosi did.

“The complaints was that it wasn’t a bipartisan delegation, that there weren’t Republicans invited to go along with it.

“Some of the more hardliners in the Republican Party were saying ‘we would have gone if we’d been invited but she wanted to make her way there’.

“It’s still a tenuous situation that Chinese have started retaliating and it’s very tricky thing to manoeuvre but the fact that she made that walk on the tarmac, the first person that senior to go to Taiwan from the US Government in more than 25 years, is a really strong statement that does have bipartisan support in Washington DC even if it’s not the support of her own President.”

A group of 26 Senate Republicans have for instance voiced in support for Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

In a statement of support, the Republican senators said: “For decades, members of the House States Congress, including previous Speakers of the House, have traveled to Taiwan.

“This travel is consistent with the United States One China policy to which we are committed. We are also committed now, more than ever, to all elements of the Taiwan Relations Act”.

Referring to Nancy Pelosi, Ms Nielsen added: “I think one of the reasons that she wanted to go was the fact that there was a strong reaction and she didn’t like being told what to do.

“This is a risky move, especially when you’ve got the President who’s part of your own party asking you not to go to then continue on that path.

“There wasn’t necessarily military support either and this was quite an escalation really but it was welcomed by the Taiwanese people.

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“I think at one level there is quite an authentic part of her policy, she’s been pro-democracy, she made those visits to China early on when it was controversial.

“It looks that she all but set to retire and so this does seem like a way to kind of capstone her career on a positive”.

Ahead of the visit, President Joe Biden openly showed his opposition to Ms Pelosi’s plans to visit Taiwan amid increasing tensions between China and Taiwan.

In a statement, he suggested that the Pentagon saw the visit as too risky for global security reasons and openly stated: “The military thinks it’s not a good idea right now”.

Despite the opposition, Ms Pelosi arrived in Taipei on Tuesday evening and met Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen.

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