Passengers head crushed when they urinated between two moving Tube carriages

A Tube passenger was lucky to survive after their head became crushed while they urinated between two moving train carriages.

The commuter’s head became stuck while they were travelling on the Piccadilly Line service and decided to use the space in between the carriages as a toilet on the morning commute.

The passenger suffered serious injuries in the accident but luckily escaped with their life.

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The doors between Tube carriages can be opened while the train is moving, but passengers are warned that doing so could put them in danger of death – a warning this traveller didn't heed.

This is one of 43 serious injuries that have been suffered on London transport between April and June of this year. There has also been one death.

The news was revealed as part of Transport for London (TfL)'s quarterly health and safety report, detailing the gruesome ways a number of passengers and staff were injured on their transport network.

The travel company revealed eight falls on staircases took place, resulting in one death at Walthamstow Central station, one accident on the London Overground where a visually impaired passenger was seriously injured after falling from the train to the platform, and one incident where a Boris bike's front wheel came off, causing the rented bicycle to collapse.

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TfL have vowed to "strive to improve the safety" of the network and are now setting out a new risk-based strategy.

A spokesperson said: "We have initially prioritised common customer safety concerns including slips, trips and falls; passenger/transport interfaces; and road risk"

"First and foremost, we will focus on improving what is within our control.

"However, we acknowledge that customer incidents will always be influenced by human behaviour."

The organisation also admitted that a whopping 263 injuries of TfL staff members were recorded, two of them serious.

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