Outbreaks of rain and frosty conditions set in across UK

BBC Weather: Outbreaks of rain set in across the UK

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The BBC weatherman also warned Britons about murky foggy conditions, which are set to be the worst in parts of the southwest of England. Mr Taylor forecasted brighter sunnier conditions in Devon and Cornwall. And he predicted outbreaks of rain in eastern parts of England this weekend, with the Met Office issuing a yellow weather warning for widespread fog across the UK.

Mr Taylor said: “There is something much, much colder coming our way as I’ll show you in a minute.

“But for the time being, it’s as you were, more fog around, particularly in England and Wales.

“The murk will lift for some of you today, and certainly across eastern areas which should start to see things brighten up a little bit more than it has done over recent days.

“The start of a change, but here is the weather fog, and it’s at its most dense this morning in parts of the southwest.

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Mr Taylor added: “From Somerset and through parts of east Wales, the Midlands and up towards parts of Lincolnshire and also Yorkshire.

“It will take a while to shift, and it will be stubborn across some parts of southeast Wales, and towards Somerset and Gloucestershire all day long.

“But away from that, we have got some sunshine at the moment across Devon and Cornwall to start the day.

“We will see some brighter conditions across Western parts of Wales too.

BBC Weather: Fog risk as temperatures plummet

Mr Taylor said: “And there is an easterly wind that develops and we will see things brighten up through the eastern half of England.

“But with it, East Anglia, and the southeast along with the Channel Islands could catch one or two showers.

“The temperatures look fairly similar to recent days, as the mildest conditions will be across the north and west of Scotland where the fog lingers.

“Only around 3 or 4 degrees as a high, and this evening and overnight the thickest of cloud will remain across western Scotland.

Mr Taylor added: “Outbreaks of rain and lots of cloud for Northern Ireland too.

“With clear skies developing elsewhere we will see a chance of frost just about anywhere.

“And there will also be a few showers down through Eastern parts of England too.

“So we go into the weekend on a pretty chilly note.”

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