OnlyFans star who stabbed boyfriend said Im fully capable of killing him

An OnlyFans model on trial for murdering her boyfriend was heard saying "I fully believe I am quite capable of killing him" in a chilling audio clip.

Self-confessed 'Fake Barbie' Abigail White, 24, also said "I have to beat the f***ing living daylights out of him for him to tell me the truth" in the clip played in court yesterday (Wednesday, October 19).

Bristol Crown Court heard how White, who earned up to £50,000 on the racy pictures site, "thrust" a knife into the chest of Bradley Lewis, 22, at their home after a row in a pub in Kingswood, South Gloucestershire.

White has pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility, but not guilty to murder.

She claimed she picked up a knife to "shock and scare" Lewis, and that she did not realise what she had done until it was too late.

However, in audio footage that was played to the jury, White was heard saying: "Honestly I have no limit when I get angry and obviously he said I need help with that.

"Because people are generally saying to me – one of you are going to end up dead. I am like, and I fully believe I am quite capable of killing him if he hurts me again. Or I am going to end up being in prison."

In a second recording, she is heard saying: "I don't believe a f***ing word that comes out of that f***ing boy's mouth. I have to beat the f***ing living daylights out of him for him to tell me the truth, and he still don't tell me the truth.

"He only tells me the truth when he thinks I am going to f***ing kill him. Like when I get a knife out. Like when I f***ing stab him. I just don't get this kid."

Yesterday the jury was asked to retire to consider their verdict.

In summing up, the Hon Mr Justice Peter Donald Fraser said the couple's relationship was widely described as "toxic" and they both often cheated on each other.

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Summing up her evidence, the judge said: "She [White] said she did not think about the damage caused. She agreed she thrust the knife at his chest but said the whole incident was over before she even thought about it."

The judge also outlined how White would feature on OnlyFans either "naked or semi-naked", on her own or with Bradley.

"She made 50k in the first year until more people became aware and more people were doing it and her earnings dropped," he added.

"Bradley knew she was doing it and had no problem doing it."

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