OnlyFans star Vegan Booty says she received death threats over protests

A notorious vegan activist and OnlyFans model has revealed she received threats of rape and murder because of her topless protests in favour of animal rights.

Western Australian authorities had dubbed Tash Peterson, 28, the biggest pest in the nation, with the OnlyFans alumni enduring a number of law enforcement encounters.

Her stunts and protests are said to be raising awareness for animal rights, using OnlyFans and her growing fanbase of almost 10,000 to preach the animal-loving word.

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Peterson has made no apologies for her scantily-clad protests in favour of a meat-free diet and the crackdown on animal testing, but has said she was called "every name under the sun," by more disagreeable parties.

The 28-year-old opened up in a recent interview where she spoke of the death threats and abuse she receives online from men and women around the world.

Peterson said: "I've been called every name under the sun from a w**** to s**t and s***k.

"I was told to kill myself. I've actually had direct threats from people who said they were going to come to my house and rape and murder me."

She and boyfriend Jack Higgs have also faced some unusual in-person threats, with animal bodies and excrement thrown onto her driveway after her address and phone number were listed online.

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Peterson has faced a number of controversies through her semi-nude protests, including one incident in December 2020 where she faced trial for a protest at Boatshed Markets in Cottesloe, Australia.

She stood painted up in cow pattern, shouting at shoppers that cows were being raped for their meat and dairy products.

She and partner Higgs were also thrown out of an IGA supermarket earlier this year for refusing to wear a face mask, saying that the act of wearing a mask amid the ongoing pandemic was a breach of her "human rights".

In more recent developments, Peterson has warned that her brushes with the law won't be stopping anytime soon, saying that she would protest "until the day I die," Daily Mail reported.

She said: "There will be a lot of criminal charges in the future and so many court cases after that, giving me a platform to spread my message for animals.

"I'll keep going until I can really until the day I die, I want to keep speaking up for animals.

"I hope to see animal liberation a lot sooner so I don't have to be doing it for the rest of my life."


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