OnlyFans star-turned-boxer Elle Brooke sparks meltdown with latest fight update

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has sent fans into another meltdown with the announcement she is set to put on her boxing gloves again for a second bout.

The Pornhub icon took to Instagram to announce that her next opponent will be influencer Faith Ordway after leaving former Love Island contestant AJ Bunker bloodied in a convincing win earlier this year.

Elle, who has been hitting the gym so hard she has seen herself compared to notorious WWE fighter Brock Lesnar, declared: “It’s showtime baby” in a post to her 500,000 followers.

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She also partnered up again with viral football sensation the Wealdstone Raider, real name Gordon Hill, to warn her opponent she “doesn’t stand a chance”.

The fight is set to take place on January 14 next year.

The news has sparked waves of excitement amongst her dedicated fanbase, with one saying Elle “needs a title” and another warning: “Ordway is not ready for those hands.”

A third predicted the social media sensation would secure a “knockout in round one” with someone else swooning: “Any chance of purchasing a signed photo?”

But the X-rated model was also teased by trolls who joked: “No more running from Astrid,” after their highly-anticipated boxing match was cancelled when fellow porn star Astrid Wett ducked out of the fight over concerns for her safety.

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Elle has made no secret for her new-found love of boxing and admitted she sees it as a “legal way” of “beating some sense” into people you dislike.

"Influencer boxing is basically an amazing opportunity to get into the ring with people you dislike and have a legal way of beating some sense into them," she said.

The athletic blonde bombshell isn’t afraid to show off her strength andrecently donned boxing gloves to whack a fan over the head with a brutal punch.

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During an odd YouTube dating contest, the star asked: "So who's going to volunteer? I want someone's face."

After one brave bloke volunteered, a shocked Elle checked: "Oh my God, you will let me punch you in the face?"

The human punching bag then happened to glance to his right at the same time Elle hit his face, bashing his chin further to the side.


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