OnlyFans model sued by rich fans wife after he gifted her a Tesla in revenge

An OnlyFans model was sued by a rich fan's wife after he sent her a brand new Tesla.

Canadian-born Alice Irving, 24, is no stranger to receiving lavish gifts from the blokes who subscribe to her raunchy content online.

However, she said that the Tesla was by far the "craziest" one-off gift she has received.

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Explaining how it came about, Alice said that the rich fan had been signed up to her OnlyFans for a number of years.

She told the Daily Star: "One day I mentioned that I needed a car and he said: 'You know what, I’m going to gift it to you.'

"I thought there was no way he'd actually do it, but he sent me an email saying the car was mine and that I needed to pick it up from the Tesla centre near where I lived.

"I honestly think it was done in revenge against his wife – I think he was like ‘I’m going to do what I want’.

"So I went to get the car and I couldn’t believe it – I even took a friend with me in case anything happened."

It all seemed a bit too good to be true, and things started to go wrong when the fan's wife found out about the exchange.

Alice knew that he was married, but he'd explained previously that they were in the process of getting divorced.

She said: "I think his wife found out that he was giving me lots of money, so got jealous and wanted to divorce him.

"I don’t think it’s my fault! But that's what he told me – she found out and obviously got mad."

It was during the divorce process that the wife, looking at her and her husband's marital assets, decided to stake a claim for the Tesla.

"She sent me letters and lawyers, a bunch of things saying I owed her a whole lot of money," Alice said.

"She wanted me to either give back the car or pay an equivalent amount."

However, Alice said the fan had managed to transfer ownership of the car from himself to the OnlyFans model's business.

Moreover, she'd actually sold it on before the couple officially signed off on their divorce papers.

Alice explained that when the car was ordered and paid for, it was worth around $50,000 (£42,000). However, due to the shortage of electric car chips caused by the pandemic, its value had risen to $85,000 (£71,000) when she received it.

"Because it was in high demand but also a depreciating asset, I decided to sell," she said.

"So I made about $85,000 from a gift which I paid nothing for!

"After that, the lawyer that the fan had sent me said there was no way his wife could get the money back as I’d sold the car one day before they officially signed their divorce papers.

"He covered the cost of the lawyer but it was really easy – there was no way she could have taken it back from me."

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