OnlyFans model nearly killed by love bite during steamy sex session

An OnlyFans model was very nearly killed by a love bite during a steamy sex session that left her unable to move her arm.

Janet Massa was left with ruptured arteries after a steamy encounter and a love bite had the OnlyFans star struggling to move and thinking she may die.

Her near-fatal encounter was due to a blood clot accidentally left over from a sexual partner sucking on her neck, with no movement in her arm the next day prompting a trip to hospital.

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Janet's near-death experience led to paralysis in her arm and could have led to a fatal heart attack.

Recalling how she was left paralysed, the Paraguayan model said: "We were snogging in bed and he kissed my neck, but sucked so hard I pushed him away.

"I didn't want him to leave a mark. Early the next morning, while I was at home, I couldn't move my arm anymore. It was a huge scare. I thought I was going to die."

An unnamed man is said to have given the model a hickey on her neck, which proved very nearly fatal, as doctors soon discovered the rupture.

Janet continued: "The doctors could not understand what was happening to me until they noticed the bruise on my neck and said it could be because of that.

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"In the end, they told me that a blood clot reached my heart and caused that paralysis in my arm. It could have been far worse. It could have caused a serious heart attack."

The OnlyFans stunner who boasts 120,000 Instagram followers confirmed medical professionals had observed her for several hours before she was allowed to leave.

Janet was less than impressed with the unnamed hook-up too, blasting the bloke on her socials and saying she will send him "to hell".

She said: "I sent the guy to hell and never spoke to him again."

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