OnlyFans model Elle Brooke nearly dies while running in sexy Santa costume

OnlyFans model Elle Brooke has shared a video of the moment she "nearly died" while running in a sexy Santa Claus costume.

The Manchester City-mad porn star posted the clip on Instagram last night (Thursday, December 29) for her 547,000 followers to enjoy.

It was captioned: "The day I nearly died…"

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In it, Elle appears in boots, a red dress, a red top and a Father Christmas hat while standing beneath a tree. There is also snow on the ground from the recent winter blast that hit the UK.

As Elle sings along to Cheryl Cole's Fight For This Love she shakes one of the branches above her, causing the snow to become dislodged and rain down upon her.

Elle then gasps before running away screaming. Her outfit – the boots in particular – were not appropriate for the terrain and at one point she skids, flailing her arms to regain balance and prevent an embarrassing fall.

The hilarious clip has now been viewed nearly 12,000 times.

Reacting in the comments section, one fan thought Elle perhaps should've realised what was going to happen when she shook the tree.

They wrote: "Yeah what did you expect to happen dude???"

A similar comment read: "Snow equals cold who knew."

Others suggested that Elle's foray into boxing – with her fight against US influencer Faith Ordway set to take place on January 14 – saved her from hitting the deck.

One wrote: "Saved by the feet work haha."

Another wrote: "A lesser athlete would’ve fell."

There were also several people who commented on Elle's screaming as she ran away from under the tree.

One comment read: "Your screaming has me f***ing howling."

A second said: "I thought pterodactyls died."

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