North Koreans banned from mentioning Kim Jong-uns weight in latest crackdown

Kim Jong-un's despotic rule over North Korea includes a new banned subject: his weight.

The tyrant issued a new order via officials declaring any gossip about his changing size is a "reactionary act".

An inside source told Radio Free Asia (RFA) this hasn't stopped North Koreans gossiping about Kim's weight.

He is estimated to have lost as much as 44lbs (20kg) so far this year.

The source said: "The neighbourhood watch unit also said the sudden weight loss is not due to a health problem, but rather that he is suffering in solitude for the sake of the country and people in crisis."

Another insider told RFA he had got so big it was becoming "difficult for him to walk".

Kim's rapid weight loss may be the result of a new diet – or a PR move to show solidarity with North Korea's starving population.

Trade issues and food shortages mean the country is on the edge of a famine.

Fears over a public reaction to the shortages have led Pyongyang to crack down on rebellious behaviour like gossip and the consumption of foreign entertainment.

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Consumers of South Korean Kpop and K-dramas can be imprisoned for up to 15 years.

Those found guilty of distributing forbidden material can even be given the death penalty.

It emerged last month the government also banned slang terms like "oppa", an affectionate word women use to describe sexual partners.

They are now expected to say "male comrades".

The tough talk continued after Kim's sister declared any American and South Korean military exercises would be met with swift "security threats".

Kim Yo-Jong told state TV this month the two allies must stop their "dangerous war exercises".

She said: "Our government and military will keep a close eye on whether the South Koreans go ahead with the aggressive war exercises, or make a big decision.

"Hope or despair? That's not up to us."

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