North Korea tries to block a video of Kim Jong-un’s DEATH circulating around state

It is said to be a five-minute clip that features the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the memorial of the founder of North Korea Kim Il-sung, South Korean online newspaper Daily NK has reported. The video has circulated in the area of North Korea bordering China, leaving local authorities to determine how the video entered the country.

A source told Daily NK: “The video in question looks like it was broadcast by Korean Central Television [KCTV] and entered the country through China.

“The video claimed that Kim suddenly died during on-the-spot guidance [on-the-spot inspections].”

The five-minute-long clip alleged that Kim died during a guided field trip on Saturday, April 25.

The video is captioned: “Our Beloved Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un passed away during on-the-spot guidance.”

In the video, scenes are shown from a previous ceremony that commemorated former leader Kim Jong II’s death.

The footage may lack authenticity, but it has not stopped it from spreading like wildfire through the state.

“This video bewildered both ordinary citizens as well as party members and other officials when they first saw it,” one source told Daily NK

“After it was flagged as a serious issue, however, nobody has been able to openly discuss the video.”

“The authorities have created a special unit from the Organization and Guidance Department, the Public Prosecutors’ Office, the MSS and other law enforcement agencies, to identify the leaker,”

“With the investigation intensifying, anyone who’s been making calls to China for business reasons has been lying low,” The source added.

It comes as Kim has been a no show since April the 11 when he last presided over a politburo meeting.

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Since then many have speculated that he has died following complications from heart surgery earlier in the month.

Many have also whispered that his sister Kim Yo Jong will now take over, who currently serves as the first deputy director of the North Korean communist party’s propaganda and agitation department.

The media within North Korea has continued to report on the leader’s activities but has not released any photos or videos that prove he is alive as of yet.

Kim is reported to have gone for heart surgery on April 12, and many have thought that could have prompted him to miss a celebration in honour of his grandfathers birthday, at Kumsusan Palace of the Sun.

Donald Trump denied reports that the leader had died, but would not go into any further details on the matter.

The president revealed: “I can’t tell you exactly. Yes, I do have a very good idea.

“But I can’t talk about it, I just wish him well. I’ve had a very good relationship with Kim Jong-un.”

The president then proceeded to defend his policy engagement with North Korea.

He also refused to answer if Kim had replied to a letter sent to the North Korean leader back in March.

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