North Korea ‘purges’ official for ‘debauchery’ and defying coronavirus lockdown

A North Korean officer was recently demoted for drinking, “debauchery” and breaching the communist nation’s strict coronavirus lockdown rules, according to state propaganda.

The highly-unusual report could hint at a wider anti-corruption drive by North Korea 's dictator, Kim Jong-un.

In an article titled “Let’s find a lesson from the complacent, idle, and privilege-seeking acts among Chonnae County officials”, party officials described one officer who had been “expelled from the party”.

It read: “Recently among some officials of Kangwon province’s Chonnae county, complacent, idle, and privilege-seeking phenomena arose in which… [some officials] were negligent of their duties and committed drinking debauchery.”

The official was described as having “gathered many people and encouraging drinking and delinquent behaviour” – something officials later called “disobedient and the super-special quarantine measures”.

Officials did not reveal the fates of the others who were involved in the alleged crimes.

But, a decision by the brutal dictatorship’s leaders led the officer at the heart of the incident to be expelled from the party .

The article then reiterated the December ruling party decision that “corruption and graft would be sternly punished.

State media said on Saturday the official in question had “disregarded the spirit” of communist party meetings.

It added: “The meeting offered a serious lesson that…officials regarding themselves as special will eventually fall down as the losers of revolution.”

North Korea’s official line that it is coronavirus free has been met with international skepticism.

The nation has virtually no healthcare system and was already on its knees economically before the coronavirus crisis began earlier this year.

US President Donald Trump was concerned about the nation’s ability to cope, that he even wrote to Kim offering him help to fight the virus.

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