Normal-looking flat on sale for £325k with incredible cave cinema in basement

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A swanky modern flat up for sale in the centre of Nottingham is hiding a little piece of history – as a little staircase in the living room leads down to a stunning secret cave.

The two-bedroom flat, on the market for £325,000, is kitted out with a sleek kitchen and modern living area.

But a trip through a glass door leads down a flight of stairs to the ancient-looking cove, which has been converted into a home cinema.

It now boasts a huge flat-screen TV and four comfy reclining chairs for people to lie back and get lost in a film.

The room is also kitted out with a wine chiller, making it the perfect place to sneak away and relax.

The gorgeous grade-II listed building was originally built as the French Consulate in 1849, before being converted as a lace warehouse two decades later.

Almost 200 years on, the flat has been restored and modernised with a luxury living area, office and bathroom. And, of course, the secret cave.

Richard Singh, director of the company that restored the flat, said the building had been "near to collapse" after it was left completely empty for nearly a decade.

He added: "The roof had already collapsed, exposing the internals to the elements."

"We painstakingly restored the original features, securing the property for years to come and providing much-needed apartments in the process.

"The lower ground floor apartment with the cave is completely unique in Nottingham and will make a fantastic home."

It comes after a man was amazed to discover his new home had a secret room – when the ground collapsed under his bus.

Reddit user lofud's security footage captured the moment in March, 2018 and posted it to Reddit.

He explained in the post: "When we removed the old garage there was a concrete pad still there which I had parked a few cars on over the course of a few weeks.

"One day I decided to bring the bus up the drive for a wash, walked into the garage to get the supplies and heard a crash and the garage shook, walked outside to see this.

"Spent the next two days filling the hole with sand and slowly jacking up the bus then more sand over and over again and got it out totally undamaged."

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