No charges for Jeep driver who sped through crowd of Aurora protesters

The driver of a Jeep who accelerated through a crowd marching on Interstate 225 in July to protest the death of Elijah McClain will not face criminal charges unless additional evidence is discovered, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

“As of today, with as much effort and resources we put in this, there aren’t going to be any charges,” 18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler said at a news conference.

Videos of the July 25 incident show the Jeep accelerating along the highway before being struck by a man driving a white truck who wanted to slow the Jeep. The Jeep then continued down the road, despite a flat tire, and toward a crowd of hundreds chanting and marching.

People in the crowd screamed as the Jeep closed in on them and people dove out of the way. In videos, the Jeep did not appear to slow down as it approached the crowd.

The Jeep did not strike any protesters, though one woman broke her leg after she jumped off the side of the raised highway because she feared she would be struck. A member of the crowd, Samuel Young, faces four counts of attempted first-degree murder and two counts of assault for allegedly firing multiple bullets at the Jeep. They instead struck two others at the protest.

The Jeep driver spoke with police after pulling off the highway and stopping. He told investigators that protesters surrounded his car and started to hit it, police previously said. He said he drove through the crowd because he was afraid, police said.

The day after the march, Aurora police Chief Vanessa Wilson said she was concerned by the Jeep driver’s actions and those of the shooter.

Wednesday’s decision follows the arrests last week of organizers of the July 25 march and several other large rallies in Aurora. The 18th District Attorney’s office filed charges against four protest organizers, including felony charges alleging they incited a riot and theft for taking signs from counterprotesters. The protesters also face charges from the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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