Nicola Bulleys partners frustration after trying with dog to lead him to her

Nicola Bulley's partner Paul Ansell has spoken out about his "frustration" that family dog Willow probably knows what happened to the missing mum, but can't tell the family.

Nicola was walking the dog along the River Wyre in Lancashire when she mysteriously disappeared on January 27. Extensive searches by police, the public and a professional search squad have revealed nothing.

And now, heart-broken Paul has spoken to presenter Dan Walker in a Channel 5 special last night (February 10) about the case, saying that it's "hellish" still not knowing what happened to the 45-year-old.

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"It's a hellish situation with the layer of hell that, no, not knowing what's happened yet. And then also having Willow who probably does know what happened. Um, but she can't, she can't tell us, can she?" he said.

He revealed he took Willow back to the scene of Nicola's disappearance the day after. He said he thought Willow might lead him to Nicola.

"I was obviously, I was praying and hoping that once we got to the gate, that she would do something different, you know," he said.

"I was saying to her, where's mummy? Where's mummy? You know? And she was just looking at me like, you know, 'let's go for a walk'."

He said Willow was just "ready to do the normal thing".

Paul said he remained at the scene for most of the day in a bid to try and locate missing Nicola.

"I had people obviously turning up and helping and stuff, and spent most of that day walking around and I had Willow with me and, um, yeah… just didn't find anything."

He said Willow was "just acting like she always does".

In another part of the interview, Paul said he does not believe Nicola is in the river but wants to keep “all options open” about her disappearance.

“The most obvious thing, of course has always been the river. It’s always been my gut instinct and her sisters, and family that, that isn’t the case," he said.

Lancashire Police continue to search the river and Morcambe Bay, some 20 miles further out.

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