Nicola Bulleys partner says strangers to the area stuck out like a sore thumb

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    The partner of missing mum-of-two Nicola Bulley has described how strangers "stuck out like a sore thumb" on the river bank route that the couple had walked "for years".

    Nicola, 45, has not been seen since January 27 when, after dropping off her daughters at school, she took the family's pet dog Willow for a walk in the Lancashire village of St Michael's on Wyre.

    The police were subsequently contacted when a passer-by found Nicola's mobile phone on the bench and Willow on her own and without her harness on unusually.

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    Paul Ansell – Nicola's partner and the father of their children – appeared on Channel 5's "Vanished: Where is Nicola Bulley?" programme this evening (February 10) and, commenting on the location where she was last seen.

    He told presenter Dan Walker: "We've walked down there for years and I mean years, you know, we've, we've, when we, me and Nikki met 12 years ago, we used to walk our dogs that we had, you know, that Nikki had, when I met her.

    "We used to take the dogs down there 12 years ago. Since the children have gone to the school, we've done it every week.

    "It's about as well known a walk to us as you could possibly do. You see the same faces every single day and, on the very odd occasion when you see somebody that you don't know, they stand out like a sore thumb."

    He added that the whole family are going through "unprecedented hell" and that "nothing seems real".

    On what could have possibly happened to Nicola, he said: "You know, that's weird. I don't know them.

    "I don't know. I've never seen them before.

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    "Everyone's the same. So whatever has happened, in my eyes, has to be somebody who knows the local area. The fact that nothing's been seen or heard, I just truly believe that it's something in the village."

    A distressed Paul went on to say that the family haven’t given up on Nicola as she wouldn't give up on anyone else.

    He also declared that he is "100% convinced" that the missing mum is not in the river as the two-week search to find the dog walker continues.

    He told the presenter: "Personally, I am 100% convinced it’s not the river. That’s my opinion because people don't just vanish into thin air. It's absolutely impossible.

    "So something has happened. Something has happened.

    "Find out what it is. Find out what it is."


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