Newborn baby dies after medics ‘crushed his skull and spine during delivery’

A newborn boy died from horrific injuries after medics crushed his skull and spine during delivery, it has been reported.

Little Mikhail Gronskiy was severely mutilated during vacuum extraction procedure in the town of Achinsk, central Russia.

He fell into a coma just after birth and died six weeks later.

The child's devastated mother Yulia Gronskaya, who was by his bed till the bitter end said to local media: ''If I only could see him again, I would apologise to him for not saving him.''

Mikhail was a wanted child and his parents were looking forward to his birth.

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Stepan Gronskiy, the boy's father told: ''Yulia's pregnancy was going well without complications.

''Misha [short for Mikhail] was healthy as well. He was our first child.

''I constantly talked to him, stroked my wife's belly and felt him kicking.''

However, the giving birth process turned out to be difficult and lasted more than eleven hours, the couple said.

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During labour, Yulia lost consciousness several times and begged doctors to perform a C-section.

When medics realised she would not deliver on her own, they performed a vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery which became a fail.

After that, medics took the mother to an operating room for a C-section surgery.

This time they managed to deliver the child who had been 'badly mangled' by the previous procedure, reports said.

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Yulia told: ''Misha's head was horribly swollen and looked like a balloon.

''He fell into a coma just after his birth.

''Next eight days he spent in intensive care then we transported him to another hospital where doctors said Misha's condition was extremely grave.''

After being transported to the region's capital city of Krasnoyarsk, the boy was diagnosed with numerous injuries including skull fractures, cerebral ischemia and cervical spine injury.

Yulia, who was allowed to be by her dying son said: ''Misha's skull was broken in several places. They severely mutilated him during that vacuum extraction.

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''Every time I would leave his ward, I say goodbye because I didn't know if I would see him alive again.''

Misha died without regaining consciousness six weeks after his birth, on October 10.

Forensic examinations showed his death was caused by the grave injuries he received during the vacuum extraction procedure.

A criminal case has been opened into 'causing death by negligence' and 'failure to fulfil professional duties', said the Russian Investigative Committee.

Four doctors from Achinsk Perinatal Centre are being interrogated in connection with the case which carries a maximum penalty of three years in jail.

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Speaking to local media, the head doctor of the perinatal centre, Aleksandr Tretyakov, said that his subordinates 'acted according to instructions' and denied that the vacuum extraction could cause the child's death.

During a vacuum extraction method, a medic applies a soft or rigid cup with a handle and a vacuum pump to the baby's head to help guide it out of the birth canal.

Misha's parents keep things that they bought for him and hope for a fair investigation.

Yulia said: ''We hope people who are responsible for our son’s death will be punished.''

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