NASA releases eerie ‘deathlike’ images from Mars that look like a graveyard

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover has released some new images of Mars in the space agency’s quest to learn more about the Red Planet.

The pictures show vast amounts of lonely rocks, which resemble a mass graveyard, giving the rocky environment a spooky aesthetic, the Daily Mirror reports.

In the image, the rocks are scattered closely together to look like a small cemetery.

Grainy details and an abundance of rocks all differing in size just add to the general intrigue of the picture.

Twitter users have previously taken to the social media platform to describe Mars as a ‘graveyard planet’, with one doing so again, commenting: “Photographs of Mars make me think of partially buried skeletons. It's the way the surface has been stripped by wind to reveal the rocky strata beneath. It really is a graveyard planet.”

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The Rover has been on Mars for a while now, after launching in July 2020 and will be heading back to Earth in February 2022.

With over 2.8m followers, the Mars Rover Twitter page has gained a lot of popularity, giving users a unique look at the planet.

A recent tweet shared an image of a patch of rock with a surface layer removed to give us a closer look, leaving many Twitter users convinced of aliens.

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One commented: “Can you turn over large rocks to look underneath them? Something that may not have been disturbed for thousands of years? Who knows what may be under some of them?”

Another responded to the image: “Definitely a tiny white alien.”

Some images are more spine-chilling than others, and although some believe the planet is filled with graveyards and aliens, Mars still manages to look beautiful.

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