Naked night stalker wanders car park for four hours before defecating on floor

A creepy stalker prowled around an Australian city centre before eventually getting naked and doing a poo on the floor.

The man is thought to have spent around four hours stalking the area around Adelaide’s central business district.

He was caught on camera loitering around a shared bin area between businesses on Hindley Street, one of the main roads for nightlife in the South Australian capital.

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To start with the bloke was wearing clothes, but as the surreal period played out, he ended up getting his gear off to the point of total nudity.

Later on, he ended up in a car park nearby as unsuspecting people kept walking by close to him.

He is thought to have climbed a gate to get into the garbage storage zone.

For hours he watched people working in the area take the rubbish out then did a poo on the ground.

Police have not received any reports about the unidentified man, however, locals have since said that the incident left them feeling unwilling to return to the area.

Some said it made them feel disgusted..

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Speaking to 9News, Josh Hoffman said: “To see someone naked at that time of night in such a public place, he's obviously been waiting for a long time, waiting for someone to come to empty bins.

“It's very strange and disturbing.”

According to reports from police, in recent weeks the stairwell of a car park in the same area was the scene of a horrifying gang rape of two women.

An 18-year-old woman and a 19-year-old woman were reportedly enjoying a night out on Hindley street when they.

They walked by the Hotel Plaza car park near the street where seven men – one of which was known to them through an ex-boyfriend – invited them to join them for a drink.

The men allegedly then took them to the stairwell and raped them for over half an hour.

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