My house has been destroyed: Ukrainians forced to live in underground metros

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Life in western Ukraine, including the capital Kyiv, is restarting again but it is a different story elsewhere.

Kharkiv, in the northeast, faces daily attacks with buildings blasted and dozens of people killed.

Julia, 32, was a chef in the city but has to flee underground with thousands of others.

New mum Violetta  and chef Julia, 32 She said: “I went home on March 2 and my house had been destroyed.”

Julia, who now lives in a train carriage in the underground with her younger sister and sleeps on the floor, said: “There is no hot water.”

New mum Violetta, 19, has been living in the metro for two months, leaving only to go to hospital, amid the rockets falling, to give birth to her son.

With her husband in the military, she said: “If it’s quiet, we go to see the sun.”

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