Mums warning about banned TikTok challenge thats leaving kids brain dead

A distraught mum has issued a dire warning after a sick TikTok trend put her son in hospital.

The 13-year-old boy, from Sydney in Australia, was rushed into casualty after taking part in a sick challenge which gets teenagers to perform an asphyxiation "trick" to make them pass out.

The so-called "thumb blowing pass out" or "blackout challenge" sees participants hold their breath until they lose consciousnesses — and then share the footage with other users.

Known in previous decades as the "fainting game", the horror craze was revived on the video sharing platform last year by daredevil teens who sometimes receive millions of views for taking part.

TikTok claimed that they started deleting videos on the "#blackoutchallenge" hashtag late last year in an effort to counter the spread of the deadly dare, but continued incidents suggest that teens are now using different names to circumvent blocks.

This week the boy's mother has advised other parents to speak to their children about the deadly copycat act, which has seen children around the world left dead or brain damaged.

Recalling the moment of horror when she heard a loud "thud" from her son's bedroom, she told Seven News: "I ran up the stairs and as I got up the top of the stairs I could hear him like groaning.

"His bedroom window is only a metre-and-a-half away from his bed."

"If he had fallen through there… I wouldn't want to think about what would have happened."

The mum has said she has been struck by episodes of anxiety since her son's close call, as she knows there are still similar videos circulating on TikTok.

Back in December, Nyla Anderson, 10, was found unconscious in her bedroom at a family home in Chester, Pennsylvania after mimicking the dangerous stunt from the app.

She was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital, but sadly died soon after.

Authorities did not officially give the challenge as the cause of Nyla’s death at the time, although her parents believe she was attempting it when she died, according to the MailOnline.

The Daily Star has approached TikTok for comment.

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